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Private Home Health Agencies,
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Optimal health before, during and after discharge.  An untraditional home health physical therapy approach to healing the Whole person; body, mind, soul.

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Natural Remedies

“The solution to the health problems of the world today is to be found in natural remedies, not in poisoning the system with chemicals.  Although they may appear to bring temporary relief, they add a debt of debilitating poison which will later result in serious problems.”

– John Harvey Kellogg, M.D.

Find a Therapist

Finding a Private Home Care Physical Therapist in Your Area is simple.  Click on your state and see who’s listed – we give you all the information you  need to get in touch with them.  We have just started offering this service and are looking for Private Home Care Physical Therapists to add to our list by state.  If you do not see anyone listed for your state, we are still searching for exceptional Private Home Care Therapists in that state.

Spiritual Rehab?

We cover a lot about rehabing the body and the mind here, but we won’t leave your Heart/Soul behind.  Are you looking for a real rocking chair amidst believers?  In a home, where ‘church’ becomes real, relational and transformational?  Looking for answers to God sized questions?  We’ve got the perfect spot for you – in a safe place, among other Truth seekers who have dared to set foot on the journey towards a walk with God.

Changed Lives . . .

“I want you to know how helpful your professional therapy has done for me the past few weeks. I don’t know how I could have advanced this far without your help.  Prior to working with you, I always thought that therapy was sort of a hoax. That certainly in not my belief now. One of many things I liked about your therapy was the fact that you always explained what and why we were doing it.  I shall always be grateful to you…My sincere thanks to you.”
Sam and Jack, Patients

-Bloomington, IN

“Your dedication to our patients has not gone unnoticed! Thank you so much for your hard work!  I know things can be difficult, especially when our census increases suddenly! You do wonders for our patients.  Thanks so much for your dedication to our patients and your flexibility!”

Supervisor Amedisys Team

“Thank you Marcia, for taking good care of our clients, Sue and Bob. We appreciate you.”

Customer Service, Home Instead