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Wheelchair Freedom – Your Guide To Optimized Health


Wheelchair Freedom gives you the tools, tips and tricks you need to move to the next level of fitness no matter how long you have been in your wheelchair. No special equipment – just you and your chair! Now just add our 74 page e-book, assistance from family and friends and motivation to add more strength, vitality and independence to your life.


Wheelchair life can keep you indoors, weaken muscles, change your posture and cramp breathing and digestion. Wheelchair life in short can make you sicker than you already were in the first place! Coaching your through your wheelchair exercises is at your fingertips – right here – right now.

Our new 70+ page e-book, Wheelchair Freedom! Get help. Get up. Get out. teaches you how to safely, easily and effectively master those wheelchair exercises.  Gain functional strength for legs, chest and back to help you get back on your feet again.

Added bonus’s include wheelchair safety, wheelchair accessories and how to master the difficult wheelchair to car transfer.



Wheelchair accessibility has improved over the years but it’s still not perfect.  Health can go downhill in a wheelchair.  That’s why I wrote this extremely helpful 70+ page e-book. It focuses on what you can do to stretch and strengthen with your own body weight, a rope and your wheelchair!  Even if you are confined long-term, watch your health improve as you become stronger and more flexible!  After a while, you’ll find less and less frustration with wheelchair accessibility.

Wheelchair exercises can mean the difference between a slow decline and steady progress towards strength and independence. Get back to the basics and narrow your routine down to the three most important basics.  Three that strengthen your entire body. Your ability level determines where you start. Including the three basic muscle groups of the legs, chest and back will move you towards your strength and independence goals.

You’ve simply got to figure out how to push and pull with your arms and push and pull with your legs! That’s it! In a nutshell of course! The rest is up to you! Discover what you’ve been missing. Discover your key to do it yourself rehab at home and start getting stronger today!

Wheelchair exercises should be part of any elderly exercise program who must depend on a wheelchair for a time. Start where you can and don’t stop.  If you have the choice to sit it out or dance – I hope you choose to dance – even if it is in your chair for a time!

Wheelchair Freedom Secrets…

Push And Pull with your Legs 

Wheelchair exercises must include buttock and leg muscle training. Squats are the best way to do this… squats sit you on the toilet and get you off the toilet. They get you in and out of a car, up and down from a couch and up and down steps.  And may get you out of your wheelchair (depending on your prognosis) if you start working on them regularly.  Improved wheelchair freedom (and less wheelchair accessibility issues) is just downright easier when you’ve got some improved strength and flexibility to maneuver.

Push with your Arms

If your routine includes pushing muscle exercises, you’ll soon be kneading bread again, pushing a shopping cart, putting clothes on the line or playing with your grandchild. Your pulling muscles tend to succumb to the pull of gravity to stoop us over and haunch our shoulders forward.  This rounds our back and squishes our lungs making it difficult to breath thus taking away our energy. The double whammy comes when our back muscles give in and get weak too!  Added strength will no doubt lower your frustration when it comes to less than optimal wheelchair accessibility around some of your favorite places.

Pulling with your Arms

Believe it or not, our pulling muscles keep us upright (our glutes help with that too).  They also help us to avoid back injury and pain.  They keep our chest cavity open so that our lungs have plenty of room to expand and contract. Thus increasing the amount of oxygen we take in.   More oxygen means more energy that our body receives from the air we breath. Including pulling muscle exercises is the second most important exercise to do next to sit to stand exercises. But, if your prognosis does not give you the hope of walking again, including pull muscle exercises will greatly enhance your health.  And, for the wheelchair accessible door that isn’t working, your ‘pulling’ arm muscles may lower your frustration and get you on your way quicker!

Wheelchair Freedom kisses wheelchair accessibility issues good-bye!

Everything we do comes from one of these three main muscle groups and often all three of them combined.

Our 70+ page e-book is designed to teach you the basics of the best wheelchair exercises you can do.  It matters not your level of ability.


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