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The Front Porch Hangout

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Be Adding a paid membership option to this site was not easy.  My home health work has taken me to all ends of the socio-economic spectrum.  My desire to create quality home health physical therapy content for everyone meets every aspect of that spectrum.  I’ve carefully considered the membership option and have decided that I am one of many places on and offline of which people can access for home health rehab and physical therapy help.

If you’re looking for interaction, engagement and more of a front porch community, your virtual rocking chair costs only $10 per month.   We welcome you, patient, caregiver, professional or otherwise to come help and be helped.  Ask rehab questions, get answers, reach for the sky and grab hold of the rest of your life!

I extend a warm welcome to you as you consider becoming a paying member of this unique and cozy community.   As a member you will enjoy multiple added benefits:

1.  Access to all patient and caregiver related content (PT’s click here).

2.  Be part of a growing front porch private Facebook community where you can ask questions, answer others, offer help or just sit back and ‘listen.’  I am on this Facebook page twice a day, answering your questions, providing direction and mentoring as I see your comments roll out.

3.  As a paying member here, you have access to in depth information that non-paying members can’t see.  Information that comes from my 20+ years in the field treating patients and mentoring caregivers and patients just like you.

4.  Be the first to know when anything new is ready to hit the market – and of course, my front porch friends always get a discount!

5.  Occasional live events featuring frequently asked questions – sometimes a picture/video is worth a thousand words.


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