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PTs and your home health team...

be their rock . . .

Calling all Home Health Physical Therapists and any other Allied Health professionals.   Home health care is a booming field with 10,000 seniors turning 65 every day now till 2030.  YOU are in high demand, but you can only do so much.  Discover what happens when demand exceeds supply and how to STILL deliver excellent care to our precious, aging companions.


Negotiate Top Home PT Pay

Home Health Care is the fastest-growing niche in health care today.  In the next 10 years alone, EVERY DAY more than 10,000 “baby boomers” (people born in the 1950s) will be turning 6510,000 a DAY!  Your services, as a Home Health Physical Therapist, will be in HIGH DEMANDYou’ll be able to make a good living.  Or will you?  Not if you let the current health care system “use and abuse” you – which they’ll TRY to do!  If you don’t know exactly how to negotiate the best possible compensation package, you will end up hating the job you actually love!

Looking for Home Health Work?

We’re on it – shall we call you?

Your search for home health work should not be a waste of time (and potentially money). We do our best to connect with you “try before you buy” jobs.  Trying a job out for a few months gets you past the ‘honeymoon’ stage, past the nicey nice stage, and really transitions you in to the nitty gritty of how that particular job, it’s people and it’s politics roll.

There is help out there…

As you may or may not know in the home health physical therapy work niche, there are many specific and general things that are up for discussion regarding work.  Some of these include the rather benign question of dress attire while other, more hefty questions center on mileage reimbursement, work territory and exactly how you get paid ( per hour, per patient, point system etc.)

 Knowledge is, well, just plain smart…

Already have a job?  Want to fine tune it? I highly recommend you look at Negotiate Top Pay; What To Negotiate For Top Home Home PT Pay.  You’ll waste no time knowing just how you need to craft your job interview around your specific needs, lifestyle, goals and abilities.

Be their rock in time of need…

Dont let home health work scare you.  We are here to help you ease into this beautiful world of saying happy birthday to 10,000 boomers who are turning 65 every day now, till 2030.

They’re still aging!  Your job is here!  Your career is secure!  And they need you to ease them back into a full and abundant life.

The question is, “will you?”

Health Coverage Alternative

It’s been a ride, hasn’t it?  ObamaCare just doesn’t cut it (or healthcare costs!).  Want an alternative to the traditional but something that still meets the mandate for health insurance?  Do you work PRN and need health coverage?  How about changing your status to PRN and enjoying more flexibility and still affording health coverage?  My family has used Christian based cost sharing entities for years and love the way it works – especially the healthy incentive.  Give it a peek but be informed that you may be asked some questions about your Christian experience as part of your sign up process.

Expect It!

10 Things Patients Should Expect From You!

Do you ever wonder how patients know what kind of care they should receive?  Who tells them what to expect from us?  Likely nobody.  So we started to.  Download our most sought after freebie and see if you need to tweak anything in your treatment day.  Many patients are facing extreme dispaire when you knock on their door.  Join thousands of PT’s who strive to be the rock to their patients until they can get their footing (literally)!

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