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Rehab Help

20 years of home health PT experience

My Philosophy

Having navigated through 20 plus years of offering home health physical therapy in thousands of homes across the country, I've learned things that books could never teach me.   I've come to realize that quality home health care is sometimes not delivered, yet precious, aging loved ones depend on it to return to the abundant life.  Thus, it is my honor to unpack my in-the-field experience to enhance what you might need now to succeed.  Be enlightened, empowered and inspired as you gain and apply the knowledge you seek to the life you pursue.

Your Path

With so much to share with you, I've broken it down into various aspects to help you find what you need.  Follow the blog, watch a video, find a therapist or join "the rocking chair" membership community to ask specific questions.   Wether you're looking to continue working towards your rehab goals, quidance on natural home remedies, or looking for a cozy place to rehab your journey with God, we've got you covered.

Your Goals

Abundant life is what makes my mission untraditional.  Your mind and body is designed to respond to what you do with it and what you put into it.  Much of the five-star laws of health have been lost along the traditional western medicine path.  So, I'm sharing something better - my 20+ year career experience, my knowledge as a 5th generation Seventh-day Adventist and a few gems from my Personal Training days.  You are guaranteed to walk away with something here.  May I inspire you to reach higher and farther than you ever thought possible.

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