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The Front Porch Hangout

Come, Rest for Awhile

If you’re looking for interaction, engagement and more of a front porch community, your virtual rocking chair is free.  But we plan to begin charging for “rocking chair space” in 2019 .

Whether you are a patient stuck in your rehab process, discouraged or down right frustrated, a caregiver looking for encouragement and a few tips or a professional helping and being helped, we welcome everyone.  Ask away!  Get answers and get your life back!

Remember, it’s free for life for now!  Grab your chair now!

Help and Be Helped

Rehab is rarely cut and dried.  Our bodies are different.  We come from different life experiences.  Different beliefs and different lifestyles.  That’s why I created the front porch… sit with a variety of virtual patients, caregivers and therapists who have answers and are looking for answers.  Together we can reach our rehab goals.  Because, simply put, many, many, many minds are better than – one.

Front Porch Benefits

Online Help

24/7 Access to Membership only content on our website.  Understand more about exercises, home health hacks and tweaks that unpaid members do not see.  You don’t have to wait till our offices open to call and ask your Physical Therapist a question.  We are always open and online (but we do sleep). 

Big Picture

Get the big picture of your rehab process. What helps, what hinders.  Lifestyle changes that greatly enhance your rehab process.  Understand how little changes can make big changes in your life!

Missing Piece

Is something missing in your home exercise program?  Are you stuck in your rehab process?  Our private Facebook page allows you to ask questions and glean from other rehab professionals as well as patients who have gone before you.  A members only feature!

Your Future

Grab the keys to optimize your current and future health – even guidance to apply to your family and friends.   Another big picture to optimize your health that don’t cost you money – only a desire to change and a bit of time to implement those changes. These tools are outside of the scope of practice for Physical Therapists which is why they never told you… learn it here.